Acrylic Extruded Rod Green 2092

Acrylic Extruded Rod Green 2092

Plastic Wood Metal


Our coloured acrylic rods provide a beautiful glossy surface, whilst being easy to bond, fabricate and form. They have numerous uses including use in LED light fittings, retail displays and furniture design, and they can be processed using various manufacturing techniques such as CNC turning and bonding.

The Acrylic Extruded Rod Green 2092 is a tinted jewel tone green shade.

  • The Acrylic Extruded Rod Green 2092 is a tinted jewel-tone green shade.

    Density (g/cm3)1.19
    Elongation at break (%)3
    Water absorption (%)0.21
    Service temperature – long term minimum (°C)-20
    Service temperature – long term maximum (°C)60
    Dielectric constant2.9
    Dielectric strength (kV/mm)35


  • UV and weather resistant
  • High strength
  • Easy to fabricate
  • No downloads available

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