Because something can never truly be finished without having the right finish.

No matter what you need polishing, we will give it the treatment it needs. We offer hand, chemical, machine and electro polishing to bring out shine and make sure that we leave nothing looking lack-lustre.

We provide a polishing service that doesn’t just leave our products looking good for a couple of weeks. We make sure we use products that enhance aesthetics whilst simultaneously acting as a protective layer, and a preventative for possible future tarnishes.

Manual Polishing

Sometimes it’s the old-fashioned things that work best. When we need greater control over the polish of an item, hand polishing is the route we take. We have an extensive range of tools for manual polishing that we use to create a high shine. The great results of our manual polish will be glaring right back at you!

Machine Polishing

With our diamond polishers we can create a smooth high gloss surface on an array of surfaces, although if you’re after a matte surface, don’t worry because our diamond polishers can do this too! Our machine polishing service is the perfect way to finish a project as our top-of-the-range machinery can achieve your desired look – from high-shine to no-shine!

Flame Polishing

Flame polishing allows plastics such as acrylic to get a smooth surface by using heat to briefly melt the surface creating tension that results in a smooth surface. This method of polishing achieves the clearest finish and is a lot faster than abrasive methods, making it an appropriate choice for your plastic projects.

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