It doesn’t just end once the product is made: we’re here for the full journey.

Here at PlasticWoodMetal we make sure we are with you along every stage of the journey. If necessary, we can assemble our masterpiece onsite for you, meaning you can sit back and wait while we do the work. No matter the magnitude of your project – big or small, our fully insured team will be there to install it for you.

We are experts
No one knows our products better than we do, therefore no one will be able to install them better than we can. Having been part of your project since it was only a concept, we know all of the ins and outs of it, therefore we will be able to install it without any hiccups.
Onsite Installation
After the amount of work done to design, manufacture and deliver your finished product, we don’t scrimp on the installation. Often the products we create are fragile and delicate, and depending on various factors, it may arrive in multiple parts. Instead of just leaving this for you to deal with, we send in our specialists to assemble and install our work, while you sit back and watch your vision come to life.
What we make is entirely dependent on its purpose and how it will fit and function in its final destination. We send out a PlasticWoodMetal representative to survey the intended location of a product to make sure that what we create will work to its fullest potential.
We may be done – but we’re never fully finished
Should your design need any form of maintenance in the future, this can be done without interrupting your existing business practice. We make sure that when it comes to maintenance - it’s simple. There’s no need for instruction manuals or extensive training: everything can be done in a matter of minutes.
We make a plan and stick to it
Throughout the entire project we make sure we stick to deadlines, and the installation process is no exception. We work with you to confirm dates for deadlines on all stages of the project, with installation being the final step. We will make sure to have our work installed on an agreed date, and we will keep you posted with all of the updates we have on your project.
Complexity doesn’t mean difficulty
We make sure that no matter how complex a design or installation, we deal with all of the tricky stuff. As our client, you get to sit back and watch your idea come to fruition while we take care of the rest.

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