Christmas Opening Times

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We close on Monday 21st December 2020 and re-open on Monday 4th January.

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What’s the difference between Perspex and acrylic?

Posted by daniel shone on

It’s something we get asked fairly often. you’ll notice, if you take a look at https://plasticwoodmetal.com/collections/plastic we have listed acrylic and Perspex®   So what is the difference? Well actually, nothing, kind of. You see, it’s not as simple as that. All Perspex® is acrylic, but not acrylic is Perspex® - confused yet? Let me help explain. There are 2 basic kind of acrylic. Cast and extruded. Cast acrylic is made from a liquid that is baked between 2 pieces of glass (simplified!) whereas extruded is produced by squeezing plastic pellets at high pressure and heat through a wide thin...

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